Within the English Time project, last 26th of May the 3rd Masterclass edition took place in Figueres pavilion. Approximately 280 2nd ESO students from Monturiol, Cendrassos, Vilafant and La Salle attended the event. At 9:00 am everybody was ready to leave school and went to the pavilion, willing to share a wonderful morning with students from other schools.

As a tradition, the Masterclass had three circuits, London, New York and Sydney. Each circuit had 10 different workshops. During the Masterclass, our students were carrying a passport where they showed their name, the circuit they were in and in which circuit they started. They mingled with the other schools from the beginning and shared 8 workshops per group which lasted 25 minutes each. They had a wonderful experience and used their English the whole morning.

The workshops had all been organized by the different schools participating in this project, as well as other entities which wanted to cooperate in such an event. Among others there were a Pictionay, a memory game, some mathematical activities, a Tangram, an animals guessing game and some board games. We also had the pleasure of sharing workshops with Comarca de Museus and Miquel Duran with The Magic Secret of Colours. We want to thank deeply Miquel Duran and his team. Miquel is a UDG professor, involved in a project where Magic and Teaching work together. We had the pleasure of having him and his team last edition, and this year he also accompanied us, captivating us with his fantastic magic.

With this event, the English Time project 2016/2017 closed. I want personally thank to all the teachers involved that have been working hard and using English in class as the vehicular language, preparing activities and vocabulary related to their subjects. Without them, this project couldn’t be possible.