Our 2nd ESO A and B have participated in the 2nd Oral Contest, as being part of our English Time project. This year the topics were At the hotel and At the party. All the videos were fantastic. Our students had fun recording their works and learnt English at the same time.

We had to choose one Cendrassos winner to compete with other contestants from the other English Time schools. It was not easy to choose, since all the videos were amazing and very original.

In the end, Ona Cervera, Esther Rodriguez and Marta Nuñez were the chosen group to go to the final. The prize was given last Tuesday 23rd of May. Families were invited to the event which took place in Centre de Recursos de l’Alt Empordà. All the finalist came accompanied by their relatives. They were all eager to know the winners.

We enjoyed watching the videos because they were all superb: Last year winners from La Saller were pleased to announce that the winners were the group from Cendrassos!! We were so happy!! The prize was a gift card to spend in a clothes shop in Figueres.

Watch the video Ona, Marta, Esther winners Oral Contest 2017

Congratulations to Ona, Esther and Marta. Good work!!