Once Upon a Time, there were some 2nd ESO students that updated three famous tales. They wrote new scripts of the Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and Romeo and Juliet. The stories had to be using the Past Simple tense. They performed their plays in the classroom.

The experience was fantastic. They enjoyed inventing new stories, changing characters and performing their plays. Here you have some of our students’ comments:

    “I liked this activity, but I didn’t like the video” Laia P

    “I liked this activity, because there was a lot of work and the people that were next to me were amazing. I didn’t like the teacher taking pictures of us, I felt embarrassed” Abel

    “This activity was very funny” Paula

    “I think it was OK, not bad, not good” Nil

    “The purpose of this activity was to let students use their imagination, write a play script and do an oral test. Some of them did it very well, but some others didn’t work much” Teacher.

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