Our 2n ESO students celebrated Christmas making some fantastic Christmas Crackers. Christmas crackers are something that most people have at Christmas. You usually have them maybe with your Christmas dinner, or maybe on Boxing Day. And you have them on the table, and then everybody turns to the person next to them or to somebody else at the table, you pull the cracker and it makes a big bang!

Inside the cracker, you usually find three things. There’s a paper hat, a joke, and a small toy. The first thing you do is you get your paper hat out, which is usually a nice bright colour, and you put it on your head

Normally what happens is it doesn’t actually fit on your head. And then everybody reads out their joke. It’s always a really really bad joke. Then there of course is the toy, the little gift. That’s something that you never want and you never use. But you try it, and you break it and laugh a little bit.

The thing is that everybody loves Crackers, and a Christmas table is not a Christmas table without a Cracker. It is so popular and linked to the British Christmas traditions, that our students have to learn what it is and make one for themselves. And they loved it too!!!

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