Our 2nd of ESO students finished their English Time project last Friday 8th of June. A Masterclass took place in the Figueres Sports pavilion where students from Vilafant, Empuriabrava, Monturiol, La Salle and Cendrassos met, mingled and participated in different activities organized by these Secondary Schools and different associations. This yeare there were about 390 students all together.

At 10 o’clock in the morning the workshops started. As every year, there were 3 circuits (London, New York and Sydney) and each circuit had 10 workshops. Our students cooperated in activities such as Pictionary, Charade (guess the word or phrase), Memory Game and arts and crafts among others. Each workshop lasted 25 minutes and all of them were held in English. It was a great opportunity to meet new people and practice their English in a funny way. They also had a 30 minutes break.

My gratitude to all the teachers involved in the English Time: Carles Ferrer, Jordi Galí, Irene Martínez, Jordi Martos, Sonia Moret and Anna Mª Ortega. Without them, we couldn’t cope with this project. I also appreciate our 4th of ESO students who came to give us support in our workshops: Albert Bru, Maria Fariña, Ikram Lahlal, Laura Lorca, Cristina Minakova and Alba Torrent. And obviously, our main characters, our 2nd of ESO students, who showed their enthusiasm during the whole morning. To all of them, thank you very much.

We are sorry the 4th English Time edition is closed by now, but let’s start preparing our next school year with more ideas and new projects!!