As part of the school Foreign Languages Project, 21 of our 1st Bachelor students have participated in a host exchange with the Herning Gymnasium High School in Denmark. They were hosted for a week, from 25th April to 2nd May, by the Danish students’ families.

On their first day, the students were welcomed, while having breakfast, by Herning Gymnasium International Exchanges Director. After that, both Danish and Catalan students presented their own countries talking about their education system, food, politics, sports and so on.

On Thursday, they went on a day trip to Aarhus, a lively and busy town famous for its university, where they started their guided tour. They also visited Aros Modern Art Museum with its spectacular Rainbow Panorama.

On Friday our students attended lessons together with their hosts living a typical school day and discovering new teaching methods, so different from theirs.

At the weekend, they did different activities with their families, for example bowling, shopping and sightseeing. They met together on Sunday morning in order to have a brunch at Herning Gymnasium. After that, they digested the brunch playing different sports and dancing traditional Danish songs.

On Monday they were taken to Sondervig, a village on the Norh Sea, where they had time to know about Nazi bunkers. Then, they moved to a cute village called Ringkjobing. They had the opportunity to discover its past thanks to a motivated local guide.

They couldn’t leave Denmark without riding a bike, and that was what they did on the last exchange day. They rode around Herning and they stopped off at the White City. They could be impressed by the Heart Museum, Elia, a shocking steal sculpture, Piero Manzoni’s works… In the afternoon the Danish school offered us Danish cakes and a cosy farewell as our students were coming back home.

All in all, our students lived and amazing experience far beyond their expectations. They discovered another culture, they lived real Danish family life, and they practiced and improved their English.

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